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- A very unique technique of painting on canvas, wood, glass or stone with pigmented polymers and multiple layers of mixed media. It originated and has been worked and improved on by Inna and Alex Deriy for the last 17 years. Its bold and explosive colors along with originality, modern compositions and deep artistic expressions have been noted by art critics and real art connoisseurs.
                                                                                   Now you can enjoy
                                                                                Liquid Mosaic in the USA

Liquid Mosaic - a unique painting technique


From the first glance it looks like stained glass or some sort of mosaic. This interesting effect was achieved by applying a very unique technique of spreading liquid pigmented polymers over a surface of choice with spatulas, sticks and needles. A transparent two part polymer is mixed with pigments like Cobalt, Copper, Silver, Indigo or various fine powders and cures after being spread to desired shapes. After 20-30 hours, another layer is laid over if necessary. Once a piece is finished, it can withstand water, moderate mechanical stress, heat and UV rays. These pigmented polymers solidify and adhere to many kinds of surfaces - stone, brick, glass, canvas, wood and so on. It makes this unique technique very flexible and opens up a wide variety of different choices.

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