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Inna is originally from the South

Western part of   Siberia.

She was born in a family of

geologists and from the first

days of her life was surrounded

by the romanticism of

scientific expeditions and the

beauty of Siberian nature.

Inna graduated from one of

the most prestigious art

schools of the region in the

mid-90-s and tried herself in graphic design

  and jewelry making,  participating in multiple projects and

exhibitions.  In 2004 Inna relocated to the USA. Moving away from home and traditional oil and pastels she developed a new technique of painting with pigmented polymers on stone, glass, canvas and wood.  Stained glass look of her newly developed works slightly resembles warm and earthy collages made of natural stones that her parents used to bring back from their geological expeditions. Natural beauty of minerals has always been Inna's main inspiration.

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